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Ideas: Bonus section for Albums and also Album comp tracks

Ideas: Bonus section for Albums and also Album comp tracks

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Status: Open Ideas

We can take liner notes next level with the right bonus section. I created a PDF to support my release Groove Shadows which gives a background into the history of the term and concept. So this is an example of a perk for people in the visual side of the Pandora environment. This could also be included as iFrame object parts if you all ever go there. So all albums could have more supportive media, photos, stories in text and/or video. Creatives have done PR videos in the past where they are "interviewed" by someone and explain what went on during the making of the album. Plus potentially physical merch...for instance custom signed CDs with the Pandora QR code.

Another thing is the QR code hybrid idea where people can supply a code that directs them to your service and potentially lets the listener listen to the entire album without ads or blocking so long as they have the code. Musicians are starting to use QR to get around the low streaming rates. In this way the QR is made mutually beneficial, you all get the visit and the artist gets the streams.

Lastly, I created a "comp" track for one of my releases called Cellular Boombox. It's all the tracks, with my voice announcing them. In this way the listener can preview the entire album quickly. These could be made for Playlists and Albums as needed by the user. Just have to get the comp auto crossfading right so it makes it easy for who will use the feature, whether the supplier or the playlister. It creates a sort of mixtape dynamic where people don't have to labor through the whole songs to create their own comp. With all this, you have more engagement from creatives and more potential to get the track streamed. A feature that could jump into the full track would be useful too, for those times when people want to hear the whole thing.

Just some thoughts!










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Hi @CMDess

Thanks for posting!

I appreciate your very thoughtful and detailed post! This is great feedback! Your post status has been updated to Open Ideas.

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