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Ideas: Bring Back Song and Album Purchases

Ideas: Bring Back Song and Album Purchases

Status: Open Ideas

I have been a Pandora listener since the early days of the Music Genome Project. I would like to see the ability to purchase songs and albums returned to the platform. 

I don't know when it was removed but recently I have been keen on getting physical copies, or at least a digital copy, of the items I have collected over the years and I would like Pandora to get a slice of those purchases since many of my collected songs and albums I would have never become aware of outside of the fact that Pandora played it for me on a given day.

If this is something that can not happen I would like to know the reasons behind the decision to remove that functionality.

Thank you Pandora for years of quality listening and I hope there is a way for this to happen.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Nullimus 

Thank you for visiting the Community Idea's board!

We appreciate your feedback to bring back the ability to purchase songs and albums.

I've updated your idea status to Open Ideas. For more info about the Ideas Board, please visit our FAQ.

Thanks for listening!


I love this idea!