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Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

Ideas: Bulk Add-Delete-Edit-Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

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My Pandora is connected to my Amazon Echo devices. Because of that my young son often adds stations based on one or two songs. He's not interested in actually having the list, he just wants to year the song. As a result I frequently find myself "culling the heard" so to speak and deleting stations I don't actually want or need. I would love to see an option to select multiple stations at once to delete them.

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It's been 3 years, has this issue been resolved yet?

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Currently there is no way to see (or search) a list of all the thumbs up (or down) on a station at once, on the website. Sometimes I want to find a particular song or all the songs by a particular artist that I have thumbsed up on a station.

If I click "See All Thumbs Up" on a station, I only get a non-searchable scrolling list that I have to manually scroll through to load more, and songs at the top of the list are unloaded as songs at the bottom are loaded, making it unusable and unsearchable. I just want to see the entire list with one click and no scrolling, so that I can search it with the Ctrl-F function of my browser.

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THREE YEARS since this was requested.  I get that you have to build an API end point.  And test, and then add to app/website.   But THREE YEARS? 

BTW: You can do this on Spotify...  

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So annoying that this doesn't exist.  I don't want to see all the garbage in the collections, it makes Pandora less valuable.  I want to see only things I actually intend to keep or manually added

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I need the ability to delete multiple stations at once. I've let past jobs use my pandora for their music and now have 100 new stations I want to delete so I can find my stations again. Multiple deletions would be a very wise feature as its prevalent in most other programs and apps. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @JGanj. 👋

I think this would be an awesome feature. I moved your post over to this existing thread here: Bulk Add / Edit / Search Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs)

Other folks have requested a bulk deletion feature within that feature request thread. 

Please upvote this idea by clicking on the 💙 icon next to the title of the suggestion.

Hope to see you around the community space more often. 🎧

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Bulk add/delete would be awesome.  It would really make Pandora the best!  Please add this feature.  

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Has there been any movement on this? I stopped using Pandora because this is so annoying, but was hoping to come back.

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needs a feature to multi select albums/individual songs/artists. to download or add to a playlist insted of one by one, and when theres a album with long skits or outros you have to select each song one by one to add to a playlist.

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Why is this still not available??? It's not a matter of 'we are looking into it'. Pandora is purposely keeping that feature out. Why I wonder??? Everything eventually leads to profit. So Pandora... what's the deal? This is not some kind of major task, no matter what you will say. Lot's of people want this (I'm sure you check the web) and as a premium member I need this.