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Ideas: Dark mode on desktop

Ideas: Dark mode on desktop

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to be able to enable a dark mode on the Windows APP version. I have a monitor tree setup with 4 monitors I use pandora on my top screen when I just need 3 screens for work.

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Local Performer

White backgrounds are terrible. A dark mode would be a nice improvement.

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Hey guys,

Dark Mode please!

Would you like me to develop the feature for you? It's super easy and basic. I see Pandora is using Angular w/ some jQuery/jQuery UI. Super simple to implement and I'm sure a ton of your customers would really appreciate it.

Just get one of your jr developers on the item for like 2 hours. It'll be worth it.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting @OUTLAWXXX. I merged your message with an existing idea under Dark mode on PC.

Don't forget to ❤️. The more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap at some point. 

Thanks for the feedback! 👍🏻

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I love to see dark mode features on Mac OS. It should be a perfect match with the appearance settings in mac os. My eyes get hurt by the light mode right now. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@alwaysright I moved your post to this existing feature request.

Make sure to give it a ❤️to express your interest in getting it added to the service.

Hope we continue to see you around the community! 😎

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Darken me please????? Please put in my vote for any theme selection/skins....sorta seems insane that there has not been a designer that hasn't jumped on this. I use and most definitely prefer Windows no argument for me.....I have an android phone, its a freakin phone....I am looking at a 70" Sony with Onkyo and Klipsche equipment, just installed some wall speakers...I was on QUbuz and listening to Fleetwood Mac (not by choice) but Stevie Nicks was in my kitchen...I just have been a Pandora member for so long.....I am just locked in confusion by absolutely no way to have DARK MODE....throw in a little neon green, maybe some background rain and listen to some Bush, you wouldnt leave my house if you heard Uriah Heep doing "stealin"...I picked the wrong career, we should not be having this conversation.

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Dark mode for windows please

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Pandora! Can you please make a dark mode for the TV???? It's so bright and annoying.


The web version of Pandora has a white background (except "Playing Now").  A dark mode would be nice for all web pages.  Thanks!

Edit: 2 years later, still no dark mode.