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Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Ideas: Desktop Compact Player

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to see a compact player option. Maybe by clicking a button and all you see is a small screen with the options to go next back thumbs up and play and pause on it. Sometimes I just want to switch screens and having the full application open can be a hassle. I want to see the work that I'm working on as well as paying attention to what music is playing.

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Adding a third party app to achieve the desired result would defeat the purpose of wanting to minimize it to the tray in the first place.


I will also add my request for a compact mode for the current Windows desktop app.  It seems this request has a lot of demand and was introduced nearly two years ago.  Not sure why it hasn't been implemented.

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Please bring back the compact desktop player! Today I finally had to uninstall the old compact version and install the newer big space hog to have the app function. I'm not pleased.

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The small desktop Pandora One widget is all I ever use.  Please bring it back.  Thank you.

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Its actually ridiculous that 3rd party developers have come up with a solution to this and Pandora cant...the SIZE of the app and the fact that it displays everything so large is ridiculous. The original Adobe Air app was amazing and super reliable, we actually used to deploy it via GPO at my old company because it was so popular. This new app just stops streaming and needs to be restarted all the time. 

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Good evening, I agree, please bring back that cute little player, it was so much easier finding favorite and new music 

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Yes, please bring back the desktop Mini Player.

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It would be really nice if Pandora would bring back the compact/mini desktop player that they used to have.  I was much more user friendly while working on multiple things at a time, could keep it up on the screen while working.  The player now, even if I shrink it to the smallest size has be minimized to keep working and then the volume control is missing.  


 Pandora is a superior music app which is why I have been a supporting member for over 19 years.  I will bet that the majority of listeners use their phone for Pandora. When using  a computer however the screen is taken up by the open Pandora window.  Like many - requests for the original smaller window seems to never have an official Pandora response.  All I need really is what is playing, thumbs up/down, pause and volume.  It would be great if this is all that is showing when minimized.. Could Pandora please respond if possible???

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Another voice for compact views.  Want more stations/information on the screen at the same time, more control of what I see.  I understand that mobile is important, but I hate the waste of screen space.