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Ideas: Educator/Teacher Discount Subscription

Ideas: Educator/Teacher Discount Subscription

Status: Open Ideas

We have been asked to play music as our students enter and I love using Pandora. Unfortunately, some of the ads about wine stains and others don't seem appropriate for my students. I would have to pay for an ad-free account on my own - is there a reduced rate for teachers?

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @LadyChaos we currently don't offer a teacher discount for Pandora - thanks for the feedback and suggestion on this!

Local Performer

There's A LOT of teachers who would benefit from this, me being one.  I would love to see a teacher discount offered. So many things and supplies have to come from our own pockets, so it would definitely ease the load!

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I agree.  We use Pandora a lot in schools.  It would be nice since you give a student discount to also have one for teachers/staff.

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Yes. Please entertain the idea of offering a teacher discount for premium. I have been a long time FREE user, which I greatly enjoy and appreciate.

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Long time user with premium, who also uses Pandora in classroom, when students are working in groups and need a little background music to keep them focused and engaged...yes, it actually works for them. Teacher discounts would be appreciated, especially since there's a student discount; "education discount" would be more like it! Thanks for your consideration. 

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I am a teacher as well, and would appreciate your consideration of a plan to utilize when students are working on their own.  This becomes particularly useful now during online learning.

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Fellow teacher and Pandora lover here! Please consider offering a discount for teachers for ours and students' mental health sake! 

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I'll be canceling my subscription until this becomes a thing.  So many other free ways to listen.  Music helps kids so much. It's sad that as a leading streaming service, Pandora is not offering this yet. 

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I would love to see an education discount to be able to play music for the students where I work. Especially during these very hard trying times.

Local Performer

Yes, please!  A teacher discount would be FANTASTIC! I use music in the classroom daily and would consider it.