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Ideas: Explicit Filter For Album Art

Ideas: Explicit Filter For Album Art

Status: Open Ideas

I seem to have the knack of having a co-worker come up behind me when NSFW cover art is displayed and now my office is threatening to block Pandora. Is there a way to turn off cover art or at least hide NSFW cover art?

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Local Performer

I  can't believe this hasn't been addressed, and it's sad that it hasn't and shows Pandora's lack of concern for their listeners or even their lack of decency. So much of the cover art we are FORCED to be subjected to in order to simply listen to music is sexist and misogynistic, and it's insane the amount of half naked or naked women being used as props that Pandora subjects me to on a daily basis. It's at the point where I will simply use another service, because there are many alternatives out there and why should I pay money to see PORN when I'm trying to listen to music? Let me guess -- a fully male C-suite who sees no problem with this, status quo! Shame on you. 

Local Performer

I can't read all the comments in the threads for this. I have posted this a few times. I can't use pandora at work because I would be fired for sexual harassment.

I suspect that the reason this isn't being addressed is that the album art is part of a contractual obligation.

Does Pandora's employee handbook say anything about displaying nudity even in the background? Mine says it's textbook sexual harassment. Does Pandora allow streaming Pandora at work?

If a solution could be implemented, please ensure that the 'hide album art' feature doesn't merely hide them from view (and still downloads them to the client), this would not be sufficient to prevent sexual harassment issues as the images would still show as being downloaded to my client and I would have no way to show the images weren't shown.

I mean come on, it seems like this has been a requested feature for years. I'm also a paying subscriber for I don't know how many years now but stuff like this is pushing me closer to cancelling and just using Plex or another self-hosted music streaming app. I'm not going to pay for Pandora to only use it when I cut the grass or work out. I need it so I don't go insane in my cubical.

PLEASE give us a server-side solution for this issue. Thank you.

Local Performer

An option to hide cover art has been requested for > 4 years and has over 5 pages of comments. How is it that that this was not added as a feature yet? What has to happen to get this done? 

Local Performer

BUELLER??  Would really love to be able to play on the roku in our lobby...