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Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Ideas: Higher Audio Quality

Status: Open Ideas

How about higher audio quality?  Amazon has introduced this feature, and others have been ahead of Pandora as well.  It would be great to have the Genome Project advantage with higher audio quality.  Do others agree?

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Local Performer

We love the Pandora interface and music choice, but higher quality is badly needed.

Now Pandora is pretty much the lowest quality available for a paying service. I'll pay more for a higher quality.

330kps would just be keeping up with competitors. And yes, I would pay for a premium HD service too.

Local Performer

I gave up, canceled today. I'll pay Spotify $15 a month instead of for higher quality.

Although, the straw that broke me, was not only the sound but the recording versions. My wife went to play a Steely Dan album and I asked her if this was a live version? She said no and I thought wow, this sounds like **ahem**. I played the same album on Amazon and it was not only higher quality sound but a remastered version or something. Sounded totally different and of higher quality. So I am now also suspect of their library and if they are kept up with the remasters, etc.

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If Pandora Premium could have the same high quality audio that is used for the 15 Second Commercial before the Premium Listening Session it would be awesome!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone -- I've moved several comments from the community to this existing Feature Request to keep the forums organized and searchable.


I suggest voting on this Feature Request as the more votes, the more likely we are to present it to our Product Team. Thanks for taking the time to vote and comment. :pandora:

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I agree with others Pandora needs to give strong consideration to its competitive position.  In my opinion, Pandora is trailing most other similar services by virtue of its lack of high-end listening options.  I have been a Pandora listener for many, many years and I might be willing to consider a tiered-pricing purchase option if more technologically advanced listening options were available.

Local Performer

Just go to Spotify. Pandora has been ignoring the request for better audio quality for YEARS. Apparently they don't have a solution, nor do they care. For the same $, you get much better quality listening experience on other platforms. 



i agree. after using tidal hifi for a month it was such a hard adjustment going back to pandora because you can really tell the difference in audio quality 😕

Local Performer

why did you go back to Pandora?


Read on for five things you need to know about our new high-quality music experience:

  1. High-quality music streaming is consistently one of the most requested new features by our users.
  2. Spotify HiFi will deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers, which means fans will be able to experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks.
  3. Ubiquity is at the core of everything we do at Spotify, and we’re working with some of the world’s biggest speaker manufacturers to make Spotify HiFi accessible to as many fans as possible through Spotify Connect
  4. HiFi will be coupled with Spotify’s seamless user experience, building on our commitment to make sure users can listen to the music they love in the way they want to enjoy it. 
  5. Spotify HiFi will begin rolling out in select markets later this year, and we will have more details to share soon.  
Local Performer

That's great except Spotify still doesn't come close to Pandora when it comes to Pandora's music selecting algorithm.