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Ideas: Import/export music from or to other platforms

Ideas: Import/export music from or to other platforms

Status: Open Ideas

I have a lot of playlists saved as text or CSV documents and no way to upload them to Pandora

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Pandora is my go to anytime I'm driving. I have a few albums from local bands I love that are not available on Pandora. Would be great to be able to add them to my collection & not have to switch to an alternate app to listen to them. Would love to see this in a future update. 🙂

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I don't think we will ever see this. I suspect there is a significant complication with their licensing when music for which they do not have play rights to gets accessed through their system.  Besides - the record companies want to herd us into the pay-for-play corral and uploading our old albums doesn't fit that narrative.

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I have a lot of cd's and would like to be able to add them to my pandora playlists. I would love to have this feature. 

thank you

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You would think Pandora allowed you to upload your songs to your playlist. I got tricked into using Spotify which honestly **ahem** for radio stations and notifying me of cool new music. I want Pandora back since Songza is gone and Google didn’t do a good job of mimicking it 😞

Hoping for an upload feature plllleeeaaase 🙏!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Palmerkg6 I moved your post to this existing feature request: Import my own music / Upload music from other streaming platforms

Make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️as well to express your interest in seeing it added to the service.

Hope we continue to see you around the Community!

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Now that Google Music is no longer available. I'm looking for an app that allows me to 1) continue to stream my favorite radio stations, 2) allows me to upload my own mp3 files into a personal library to play, and 3) allows me to pay for a song and download it.

I hope you will consider offering these options. There's a service void that needs to be filled!

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@AdamPandoraI think blending the popular request for people to upload their own musc and upload music from other streaming platforms is a bad idea.  Those two involve extremely different rights management.  Personal music owned by a user (through the purchase of a vinyl album or cd) gives the user the right to access that music any time.  Pandora only needs to let the user access uploaded music and not "share" it in any way.

Allowing music from other streaming services involves DRM to music libraries that may, or may not be available to Pandora and that will get sticky and is a very different kettle of fish to manage and maintain. 

Blending these two rather disparate projects makes it big and unattractive to Pandora.

I think people just want to upload music they have the right to play, but Pandora does not.  I have many albums from the likes of Irene Ryan, Gary and the Hornets, etc that will never be found in any current music service - forcing me to find other means to play it - like my trusty Gerard Record Player...

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xspf playlist format support would be great.

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Recently I have switched to Apple Music after using Pandora for 3 years. I have over 3,000 songs which is way to much to find each song on Apple Music . So I would like to have a feature where it’s much easier to import music from Pandora to Apple Music not just that but any music streaming platform.

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I wanna move my Spotify songs to Pandora cuz I don't have the time to do it myself