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Ideas: Manage Alexa device from mobile Pandora app

Ideas: Manage Alexa device from mobile Pandora app

Status: Open Ideas


While the integration Pandora-Alexa works just fine, there is a feature that I can't find. How do you manage your Echo device from your iPhone. As an example, Spotify has this:

Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 13.42.46.png


From here, while you have your playlist or song-by-song selection you can "send" the music to be played out by any Echo or other device. Thank you


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for your suggestion, @moaek.

I moved your post over the to Feature Request board to keep the community organized.

Device management from within the Pandora app is not currently a feature. Be sure to upvote your idea by liking it (the heart icon). 

See ya around the community!

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This needs to happen!! It is unfortunate that I cannot open Pandora app and it does not recongnize my account on echo devices and show what is playing there. It kicks me off!! No good. Spotify is much better in this regard. No issues if I begin playing on echo then open Spotify app it easily shows what is playing there. The two play together very nicely. Pandora needs upgrades to do this

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Please add this feature! Alexa has a tendency to misunderstand me and keeps adding unwanted stations. I would rather choose my station on my iOS device and send it to the selected echo speaker.
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This is the only feature that is preventing me from dropping Spotify and going to Pandora premium.  Spotify will let me "cast" to my Alexa device from the desktop app or mobile app.  Very handy.  Please implement this and I'll drop Spotify.

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This feature is THE killer feature on spotify, and in my opion is the only reason to use spotify over Pandora. The ability to "cast" your music from the app on your device to one or more echo dots in the house is amazing! I wish Pandora could do it.

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It's all been said above.  I add my voice to the request.  I much prefer Pandora, but the casting feature in Spotify is a game changer.

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So I can control my Google home mini from within the Pandora app but not my echo devices yet! Add same support for Amazon devices as you did Google devices. I would consider adding paid subscription of you did this

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This is the only thing keeping me on Spotify also!

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This is the only thing that takes me back to Spotify as well. This feature needs to be enabled in Pandora!

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@Pandora yes! Please make this happen!!!