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Ideas: Multiple profiles under 1 account

Ideas: Multiple profiles under 1 account

Status: Open Ideas

I share my account with my 3 kids and wife. Surprise, we have different musical tastes. It would be nice if we could choose a profile per person to store and update our musical preferences to, as opposed to me scrolling through my kids lame stations. Ok, just kidding they aren't lame, they're just not MY preference. 🙂


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for sharing your idea, @Mike21222! 🎧

Diamond in the Rough

Another benefit of having multiple profiles under one account is that each listener in a household can have their own "Thumbprint Radio".

Local Performer

This is May 30, 2020...has Pandora fixed it so that more than one profile may be set up under one user account...

Local Performer

Yes, please! This would be a great feature. I am considering upgrading to a paid Premium account and came here to specifically to see if this was an included feature. It's a shame that it's not included. They have a 'family plan' for frickin $15 per month but that's ridiculous. Every other media platform gives the option to have multiple profiles on the same account. I'll pay $5/month for offline listening and the option to add multiple profiles, I will not ever pay $15.

Opening Act

This should be a no-brainer.  EVERY other streaming service has multiple profiles.  This is a constant source of annoyance for me, as I am a musician and audio engineer, and I often have to look things up for reference, and also am expected to research and obtain background music for events, where the stuff they want is stuff I find quite offensive to my own tastes. Also, sometimes I have a guest who uses my account at my own house, on my own devices.  This results in having top 40 garbage rammed in my face any time I'm actually trying to listen for personal enjoyment.  I desperately need a way to cordon off that stuff from my own personal library.  

Local Performer

How do i add another profile to my account 

Local Performer

How do I add a profile to my account 

Local Performer

Account owner needs to be an administrator to create multiple user logins/profiles on one account so that created stations, preferences, etc can be saved uniquely for each user. 

Local Performer

Currently the family plan requires each user to have their own account to listen at the same time. Between all the smart home options and devices, it makes it very cumbersome to be switching accounts all the time, it would be much better to allow multiple users to listen to one family plan at the same time without getting the “someone else is listening to your account” message. I like to listen in my car and when my wife tries to listen to music in the house, because the devices are signed into my account, one of us gets kicked off. This should not be an issue. 

Local Performer

I have the family plan - can the other people on my account have their own profile so we can create our own playlists?