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Ideas: Offline Mode for Pandora Desktop App

Ideas: Offline Mode for Pandora Desktop App

Status: Open Ideas

As someone who has poor internet/ frequent outages it would be greatly appreciated to be able to listen while offline on the desktop version like with mobile versions.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hey, @Rejid. 👋

I moved your post over the Feature Request board to keep the community tidy.

Thanks so much for posting your suggestion. Keep 'em coming!  🎧

Local Performer

Pandora, please activate the offline feature on the Mac, at least for Premium customers.  The company is just shooting itself in the foot by blocking this feature on desktops.  I was going to finally upgrade to Premium, but the lack of this feature on my Mac tips the balance over to not-quite-worth-it.

John Barkley 

Local Performer

Is there any updated to this feature request?  Please and Thank you.

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Tired of jiggling my mouse every 3 minutes so I can hear more than one song at a time on my computer while I'm working. I'm a paid subscriber for years and I'm irritated and am not happy with Pandora because this is a recent issue and it is relentless. Where's the offline mode button? C'mon Pandora!

Local Performer

It would be nice to have this option for my laptop. I spend hours at a time working in remote locations with no Internet and limited cell signal. If I'm willing to pay for the premium service, please treat me like a premium customer and offer the service when I use the Windows app.

Local Performer

2 years and still nothing, guess I shouldn't get my hopes up. I would rather use Pandora, but I guess they'd rather have people on laptops use Spotify, brilliant..

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I always listen on PC, via my good speakers, when doing stuff in my room. Also use it to sleep to. When the internet goes out at night, I can't sleep in the silence.

Let me listen offline, please. 

Opening Act

most people have phone; i do not

but i bought a tablet to have some of the functionality of the phone (sometime after smashing my 3 cell phones; mostly i don't like feeling like i have to answer, lol)

so, i can just plug the tablet into my desktop computer speakers, if i like; you can also get a switcher to go from pc to tablet/phone with your audio, etc.

basically the 10$/mo option is what you want

idk about spotify or other, i prefer pandora and am happy with the 5/mo option, tyvm

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Dear Sirs|Madames

I would love to have app for Pandora deskop for pc offline . Maybe then I will come back to premium services if this was added ! Thank you! Otherwise an excellent service !!! 

Local Performer

Offline listening for all my devices is an important feature I would like to see available for my Mac Desktop.