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Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora currently includes an option to filter out explicit content, and only play Clean or Radio Edit versions of songs.

I would like to request the opposite option, namely: Filter Clean Content.

In a way similar to the "Filter Explicit Content" option, this option would only play songs that have their un-edited, explicit content.

As an informed, consenting adult, I would prefer to listen to the "Dirty" versions of songs. As I dislike the "Clean" versions of these songs, I would prefer to not hear them. Currently the only way to do that is to thumb the song down, which just removes it and all versions of it from my shuffle or playlist.


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YES!!!  I don't understand why all versions of a single song are clumped together and picked randomly, that's not what people want!

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Please, please, please make this a feature !I've been working with a rep and the curation team to stop getting the censored versions of my favorite songs for a long while now. We need a feature/setting along the same lines as "filter explicit material" but the exact opposite. We do not want to hear censored versions of filthy rap songs. We want the filthy rap songs! Songs I've given the thumbs up to are all the sudden censored and that really grinds my gears. I don't want to "unlike" the song, it just completely ruins it when it's censored.

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Yes. Not having this option is absurd. 

Know what's more offensive than "explicit" music? Censorship. 

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I have the same issue as SXESpanky. I will hear a song in an explicit version then on the next day listening to the same station, it plays the radio edit. I started thumbing down the radio edits but then I started to no longer hear that song at all. I know that both versions are available because I have heard them both on the same station. How does one fix this?

Local Performer

I've been using Pandora for YEARS and this is making me want to cancel my account a sign up with another streaming service.  Give us the option to exclude censored content!  I'm tired of hearing bleeps, alternate language and fuzzy sounds in play of the music I grew up with.  So so so sick of hearing censored versions of my favorite songs!

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I agree, I deleted whole station that I have used for years due to censoring now. My toggle was always set to allow explicit music so unsure of what is different, but makes the listening experience unenjoyable.

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No explicit when the setting is on please.  At least, give us choice to turn off those songs, please.

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Hi @Music4us Thanks for posting to Feature Request!

Can you please further clarify your request. Which setting are you referring to?

Local Performer

I got Pandora for my son so he could explore music, ensured that explicit content was turned OFF.  As a musician, myself, I like to keep an eye on my son's account to learn what kind of music he's interested in so we can bond over mutual favorite songs. None of his song history or collected songs contain explicit content.

Today I found "Wheeler Walker" in the "For You" column child's account.

The song that played when he picked the artist was "F*ck You B*tch".

How in the world does "F*ck You B*tch" show up when the "Allow Explicit Content" if off? Come on, guys. This can be an easy win to introduce kids to the amazing world of music. How the heck does "F*ck You B*tch" get missed?

What's worse? We can't thumbs down the song or artist on the app for the Amazon Fire Tablet App. How can we help moderate what content our kid sees if we cannot remove "F*ck You B*tch" or the Artist "Wheeler Walker" from being seen?

And the irony of ALL of this that I cannot even make a new post with the name of the offending song WITHOUT YOU CENSORING IT.


How could you guys mess up this bad?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@PrivateBandaid I moved your post over to this existing thread: Option to block out ALL explicit content

To begin, the explicit filter will only apply to songs that play on your stations; it doesn't apply to playlists you create, those created for you by Pandora, or those that are recommended to you in the For You tab. Also, It doesn't apply to podcasts.

If you are pressing play on a track that is marked with a red "E" label, then the explicit version will still play even if you have your explicit filter enabled.

To play the clean version of a track on demand, make sure it isn't marked with that red "E" label.

This being said, I recommend you also give this feature request a ❤️ to express your interest in getting it added to the service.

Hope this helps explain!