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Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

Ideas: Play music on launch - on/off toggle

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I'm on premium. Anyway to open pandora without it starting music? sometimes i just want to open it and browse a bit before i select something. Seems to happen on every application (web/android/auto)

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Hey every one, I'm not sure why your Pandora app automatically plays when you open it. My Pandora desktop app does not begin to play unless I choose it to. But I gave you a up-vote for this feature. I hope all turns out well for you all. Take care and stay safe all. 

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YES PLEASE!!! Or, if we can't control if music starts playing on start-up, how about letting us pick what station/playlist?

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Yes! Hate hate hate not being able to toggle this off.

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Stop the auto launch!

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yep. I use Google home devices throughout the house and when I open Pandora, it auto plays and tries auto connecting to Google Home only to fail over and over.  


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Despite the large public support for no play on startup, it's clearly intentional, as it would take literally minutes to implement a toggle for this (it's super not complicated, I swear as a part-time developer).


They already lost my subscription (and whatever ad revenue since I stopped using Pandora altogether) over this lack of concern for users, just speak with your wallets. It's been literally years.


Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to state the following: 'I'm not promoting or affiliated with the brave browser in anyway shape or form'. With that being said, at least when I'm using brave beta (I currently have it set as my default browser on the computer I'm typing this on), up in the address bar when you are on any website, there's a little padlock emblem right next to the website address, when you click on the padlock you are presented with several different topic's, at the bottom of that list is one labeled 'site settings', when you click on it you are taken directly into the brave setting's area for that site and are shown all of the different option's that you can change on that site. For the pandora site the most important one in the list is 'auto play', I changed it from the default setting to 'block', and at least so far the music doesn't play automatically anymore..YEAH !!!


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It is incredible that this remains an unanswered issue. I cannot understand why Pandora is so unresponsive to its customers. I'd be surprised if this isn't something that a majority of users would like to see implemented. No other music app automatically starts playing music when the app is invoked, unless a user has toggled that on-off switch to on. I have to silence my phone in order to avoid having Pandora annoy the hell out of me,  PANDORA, PLEASE: RESPECT YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS. 

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100% this needs to be implemented. I hate how the app automatically plays when you open it. How can you turn off auto play for when a playlist or album finishes, but not also be permitted to turn it off when launching the app?

It definitely makes me prefer other streaming service and once my current premium month is up I'll be switching again. They got me back with a free month and I forgot to cancel before the next month.