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Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Ideas: Playback end of year stats

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Can we please get a wrapped feature like spotify? Such a cool feature almost makes it worth making the switch

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Longtime exclusive Pandora listener (7+ years account, 4+ years premium) also cancelling because of Playback. Sad to be switching to Spotify, but it is worth it for the annual review and listening data. Thank you Pandora, but I really wish it wasn't ending for me like this

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If you're like me and are ready to switch, Spotify is offering three free premium months as a trial right now.

I switched to using Spotify exclusively last week, but I will give Pandora until the first week of January to realize their error and put out the 2022 stats. Otherwise I will be downgrading back to a free account and will no longer be paying for my family membership.

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I catch so much shade for still using Pandora. I've been using Pandora since 2007. Paying members should get the playback. Hell, use that as a marketing strategy. It's popular and trending. Completely removing the feature is bad business. Put it behind the paywall. Profit off of people wanting their stats. It's really that easy.

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I've been using pandora for years, (I have the 10 year badge for Pete's sake) and I'm upset that I won't have a year in review to share with my friends, they've all been posting their Spotify version.  I'm so upset.  It doesn't even need to be all that fancy. I just want the stats! Taking away from the people paying for your service isn't a good way to retain them. 

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I look forward to seeing the pandora playback and would like to have it back. Don't understand why they wouldn't have it when other apps do

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It would be helpful to hear from Pandora on whether or not they'll bring this back by end of year. Getting ready to leave for Spotify. Please let us know before we all jump ship. Kinda crappy to finally have added this and then to immediately take it away.

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Was definitely looking for to my end of the year details, but after searching and coming here finding out they aren’t doing it. I really don’t like Spotify and still probably won’t switch but it’s still a bummer. 

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What happened to you Pandora? I vividly remember a point in time, not long ago, that Pandora Radio was the music app.  It was such a success that I even recall people regularly using the brand name Pandora as a reference to just play some music.  There aren't many products who are able to reach such a notoriety that their brand name is then turned into a commonplace reference for what the product offers (think Kleenex).  It's hard for an app in today's cell phone driven society to reach success across the board of age brackets, let alone for one to do it 10 years ago!  Maybe it was just a different time.  I remember when Spotify started growing exponentially, I never seen the alure- but I get it now.  If I wanted a library of music I just torrented it back then- but it still didn't have the charm that Pandora did, no matter how many discographies filled my iTunes library.

What happened to you Pandora?  I remember having the thought around 5 years ago that it seemed like whomever developed the Pandora was a one man show or very small team that seemed to more reactive at growing the brand and adding features opposed to the other competitors in the market. 

About two and a half years ago I made a hard decision and took my obsessive listening habits to Spotify for a year because of how extensive the Wrapped feature was.  The first year truthfully wasn't too bad because I was able to transfer over all my stations into playlists and thumbs into a library that was extensive and versatile.  I was able to push to about the middle of the 2nd year (this most recent), until my library really started to dry up on me and it was then that I realized just how unique Pandora truly is.  While I genuinely loved being able to claim a top 1% of listening time on Spotify the last two years- I've been ready to come back home to Pandora. 

After using Spotify for that time, I was spoiled on certain convenience factors.  It's almost like a toxic relationship it feels like; Pandora knows how good their product is and refuse to work on any other part of themselves because they know people will still crave them.  I was riding the wave with Pandora way back when, when Spotify started really overtaking them, I was there, hyping up their over-due feature updates that were far too late to stay with the trend of time, now I get embrace for the laughs that are bound to come my way when I speak good on Pandora because even if they have the best radio and algorithms their product has become an inconvenience in itself to use outside of a web player.  They went from a S tier staple app set to ride the wave for many years to a stagnant uninspiring afterthought that many place right alongside FM radio... All at their own fault and complacency. 


Removing the end of year review really highlights that there is no desire for this app to try and regain any relevancy or take back some of what was once all yours, but instead just be another subscription-based service on an asset sheet for shareholders.  I don't like wishing ill-will, but I will no longer be supporting you in any manner. Get it together.


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I really expected to see Pandora at the end of this thread announcing the return of this feature.  Wow.  Exposing stats is just about the easiest programming job I can think of.  Does Pandora have any developers left?

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Yeah, I posted a month ago asking what was going on, and there's been nothing but silence.

Now, a month later, I've given up and have cancelled my Family Premium prescription.  I've been a member for years.

I started using Spotify in this time and their offer of 3-free months of premium has been great.