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Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Status: Open Ideas

Can we please get a wrapped feature like spotify? Such a cool feature almost makes it worth making the switch

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I also was a big fan of the playbavk/year in review because then I could also share stats with my friends. Now I just have to watch. I still like Pandora"s over Spotify so I'm not leaving, but I'm still bummed 

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I would love to see the end of the year stats. Makes me want to jump ship but I use Pandora because they're the underdogs 

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Just imagine if pandora actually evolved instead of continuously degrading. Like I use to be able to compare how long I listened to each radio. I can't even do that. They just continuously remove things and make everyone realize Spotify is better. You're about to lose an entire family plan.

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Dang.. they've been talking about this since last year and Pandora hasn't gotten the memo?? I'm also the only one in my friend's group with Pandora and I've been loyal for YEARS. It's pretty sad not being able to join in on the convo with the music I've been listening to the most this year... I'd love to know. Definitely makes me want to finally make the switch. I really would hate to start over with my playlists and stations, tho.

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I have tried other platforms and really am most comfortable with Pandora. Besides the year-end recap, I would really appreciate an alphabetical sorting option for all music, not just the stations. I've been with Pandora for almost 8 years now; please don't take away the music features I love and want to see! 

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Seriously, Pandora. Bring it back. Features and benefits! 

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Pandora with playback >> any other streaming service 

pandora without playback not worth getting cause of social exile. 

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I've started my free trial with Spotify, and I'll be switching at the end of the year. Gave you guys a whole year since my last post here. 

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This is the way. Demonstrate with your wallet.


So many other services have a "wrapped" style thing, including the Washington Post lol. I got one from Reddit, too. So dumb that Pandora got rid of theirs.