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Ideas: Playback end of year stats

Ideas: Playback end of year stats

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Can we please get a wrapped feature like spotify? Such a cool feature almost makes it worth making the switch

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That is exactly what they are hoping. You'll express some irritation now, but continue to pay them. Then next year when they once again have not brought back the year interview, you'll find yourself in the exact same spot.

Last at this time I gave them a few weeks to see if they would make announcement. It was coming back, and when they did not I  canceled my premium membership and joined Spotify.

I just received my year interview from Spotify and it was awesome.

The only reason I'm replying is because I was posting here last year and have started getting notifications of new people complaining in this thread.

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Get your act together Pandora. I may be canceling. 

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Pandora shows some of this info in the profile. They have this data and even report it. They should restore the year end reports and use it to promote new content and features.

I just discovered the energy boost and relaxed modes. Maybe include info on a user's top five energy and relaxed songs while letting them know about the new modes. Show me my top stations and stations I don't use but may be of interest to me.

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You guys kind of shot yourselves in the foot here. You know you have less users than the other music streaming apps, and surely not as many actually paying. This is the second year in a row that I'm debating joining every single person I know and switching to Spotify. I defend my use of Pandora. I've been voluntarily paying you guys for like 8 years, when everyone I know can't understand why I'm using Pandora at all. You need to be competitive, the lack of year in review for the second year in a row is not the way to do that. Every single one of your users want it back. Do it for paid users only if you don't want to do it for everyone. I just can't believe that after all the complaining we did last year, you chose to not do it again. I'm paying you $10 a month, why shouldn't I just pay Spotify $10 instead? The only thing keeping me here is that my stations are all set up and fine tuned. I just don't want to do it again, but that seems a small price to pay for something so simple. If I didn't listen to so much music, I wouldn't care. We're paying you for a reason. Whoever made this decision is probably not very good at making decisions at all. 

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Yes please!
I love seeing my wrap up with Spotify, but truthfully I have my Alexa playing Pandora since I work from home. 
It would be nice to see my stats. 

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Bring it back already

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It seems pretty obvious that they're not bringing it back, so I canceled my premium subscription even though I've been using Pandora since 2009.  If anyone is hesitant because of their playlists, there's apps that'll transfer them over to Spotify for you. 

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Yes, we used to have it. I think it's a good way to keep customers happy, engaged, and maybe Pandora can make it better than Spotify's. Such achievements, listener ranking amongs the age group, or region, or even friends. Cool graphs with genre's listened. Areas we listened, mobile vs online and even new songs we gave a thumbs up to.  

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This has been up for over a year and we still don’t have this?! My kids just got their wrapped on Spotify and I’m sad I don’t have one here! C’mon Pandora!!

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Please do this, we all want it!