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Ideas: Premium Features on Yamaha MusicCast

Ideas: Premium Features on Yamaha MusicCast

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Hello everyone. I have a Pandora Premium Account and I love it. I listen on my iPhone and on Yamaha MusicCast devices. Of course, on my iPhone, I have playlists and can search and play any song that is available without relying solely on stations created from artists or songs. On MusicCast, however, I cannot access my playlists or play specific songs. Are there plans to make my playlists available on devices, such as Yamaha MusicCast? This would seem like an easy add to existing software. It may be an issue on Yamaha's side of the equation, but I think, although not 100% certain, that it is the same for all non-phone devices that have Pandora access. Searching for specific songs would be nice too, but accessing my playlists would be wonderful. Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Have Pandora Premium. On my laptop I have setup playlists which contain up to 100 tracks I setup on my laptop. Unfortunately using Yamaha Musiccast on my google based phone, I can only access Stations. With the introduction of the Yamaha WXC-50 Lifestyle Streamer/preamp plus all the other Yamaha Musiccast equipment, I'm sure others would appreciate it. me too 🙂



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It makes me crazy I can’t get to my playlists through music cast. I can get them through the Sonos app. I bought the Sonos connect to be able to use their interface. A 450 dollar fix for bad interface.  

the Spotify app works fine with both. 

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When is this feature going to added to Pandora Premium 


Piling on - SPOTIFY (heard of them?) integrates very well with musicast, I can play anything I like. Pandora does not - it's the freebie version, no playlists, no deep cuts/discovery on stations, no skipping songs (minimally), it's kind of depressing. Also VERY repetitive. While we're at it, add premium content to any/all other integrations - yes, I still have a Grace Digital Mondo (not kidding) 🙂  Same deal there. 😕

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Please add the collections and playlists features to musiccast!

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It would be wonderful to use my paid services while using MusicCast.

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Echoing all the other comments here:  Please add access to Pandora Premium features through MusicCast.  The primary reason I purchased Pandora Premium was the ability to play specific songs and create playlists;  and 99% of the time I listen to Pandora it's at home using my MusicCast receiver which connects to all the speakers throughout my house; accessing it via the MusicCast app on iPhone or iPad.  However, if I want to listen to one of my Playlists, I have to open up the Pandora app - play the playlist; go to the MusicCast app to turn my receiver on; then go to my device utilities to apply AirPlay to then hear it on my speakers.  Very clunky.

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Same problem as others using musiccast and Pandora premium:

I recently upgraded to Pandora premium. I have 2 Yamaha musiccast preamps, model WXC-50s. Since upgrading to premium, I can still access my Pandora radio stations on the WXC-50s, but I cannot access my albums, etc. I tried removing my account on both WXC-50s and re-adding the account. I also tired booting both units. Nothing has solved the problem, i.e. I am not able to see my albums or playlists on the Yamaha's.

A similar situation happened with Tidal when I upgraded to their Hifi subscription. But in the case of Tidal, removing and re-adding my account on the Yamaha WXC-50s solved the problem, i.e. I was able to access the upgraded Tidal features on the Yamaha's.

I also have a couple of Grace Digital Elite internet radios, and in order to get them to update properly, i.e. provide access to my Pandora albums and playlists, I had to sign out of the Pandora account on the Grace Digital, then reactivate them with an activation code on the web. So the Grace Digital internet radios work properly, but  not the Yamaha WXC-50s.

I don't know if this is a Pandora problem or a Yamaha problem?

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The pandora interface for yamaha is 15 years behind the times at least. Will be switching to something that works if this isn't fixed soon.

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I subscribe to premium pandora and have used the app on my iPhone connected via bluetooth on my boat radio.  I can see all the music playlists I created when using my phone and when I logon to my Pandora account using my Mac I can see all the playlist there too.  However, I too cannot access the playlists I've spent hours creating using MusicCast even though I signed-in and added Pandora to Musiccast using my same username and password.  

I too am looking for an alternative to Pandora that does what we all would like to do if we use Pandora for anything than streaming on one device.  Anyone recommend an alternative to Pandora that they have tried and liked?