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Ideas: Premium/Plus on Apple TV

Ideas: Premium/Plus on Apple TV

Status: Open Ideas

As a Pandora Premium subscriber, it is really frustrating that your Apple TV app has such limited capabilities. I am unable to access playlists, individual songs, etc. 

I understand I can airplay from my phone, but that just does not work nearly as well as being able to play directly from the app.  

Would appreciate if you could add some of this basic functionality to your Apple TV app to be comparable with your competitors.


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Add me to the list

* Playlists

* Previous Track

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Another co-sign here. That this is missing from the Apple TV app is beyond ridiculous 

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Please add repeat functionality for apple tv pandora app

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Wish someone from Pandora would at least tell us why the Apple TV app is so lacking compared to the Pandora apps on all other devices and whether there's any hope it will be fixed some day.   

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Sooo....are we going to get an update on this? Is Pandora at least going to address this issue.

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Same here. My son is in a band, and their album is on Pandora, but I can never access it on apple tv -- SO LAME!!! I just upgraded to Premium in hopes of solving this issues, but even with premium I still cannot find his band (like I can on my computer or phone). 

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Update on this problem…. After almost 2 years there has been no change.  Apple TV app user interface is the worst.  It’s really terrible 

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Love Pandora, but hate the fact that I can’t access my full catalog of albums and playlists on my Apple TV. I really do hope it’s a feature y’all are working on.

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Premium features on Apple TV!!!! Listening to a specific album, if I need to narrow it down.

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How has this not been fixed yet?