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Ideas: Scrubbing when listening to a station with a premium subscription

Ideas: Scrubbing when listening to a station with a premium subscription

Status: Open Ideas

Looking for the ability for Premium subscribers to scrub around a song when listening to a station. This feature is available when listening to songs in other fashions (looking up the song manually, in a playlist, etc.), so it does not make sense for this to not also be avaialble in the quintensential, legacy listening method in Pandora. 

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Just started a trial. May unsubscribe because of this and lack of previous track while in radio. Radio is the only reason to use Pandora over other services since they offer higher quality streams and just as much or more playlist management. But using radio I have limited ability to interact with just played and currently playing music. Ridiculous.

Local Performer

I haven't used Pandora much for quite a while and thought I would try it out again. I've been using Spotify and it lets you fast forward and Rewind through songs which is very useful to me if I'm trying to learn a song. It would be nice if Pandora would do that because it seems that you guys are better at curating a station based on thumbs up and thumbs down then Spotify. But, Pandora lacks that one important feature, which I guess you refer to as scrubbing a song. Please add that feature.

Local Performer

I can’t understand with logic why they would not implement such vital functionality; the only way to understand this, maybe they save money on traffic or something like that..(or load on servers..)?