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Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Ideas: Standalone Samsung Galaxy Watch App

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora > Spotify!

Please create a native app for the Samsung Galaxy watches!

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Please 🙏 make an app for the galaxy smart watch. I work 65+ hours a week and rely on Pandora to get me through my day please don't let me down

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I've had this thread open for too many years now. I moved on to YouTube
Music that you get with YouTube Premium. Took some time, but I have
Playlist now that get me through the day.
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There was a watch widget for a while but then it went away.  Bring it back.  Been with you forever but this feature may cause me to shift my money to another app.

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Why won't Pandora listen to its customers?  I guess they'll listen to lost profits. 

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General support again and functioning with Wear OS would be great.  I'm a long time Pandora user, but as others have stated, with increased use of a smartwatch (TicWatch Pro 3  Ultra) and the inability to use Pandora, I think I'll be heading to other musical pastures.  PLEASE develop and push out Wear OS capabilities!  

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They just don't care. Pandora Premium Family account holder here and I will be canceling due to this.

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This is 2023. 4 years ago I bought the Galaxy watch 2 and never set it up because I couldn't use Pandora, I refused to switch music apps and didn't want to complicate things by having more than one app. I am now going to purchase the watch 5 and am  getting rid of Pandora because they will not make an app for Androids- but they have apps for iPhones. I now feel they suck

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I gave up already and I'm a happy camper with my new choice: Youtube music is the way to go IMO.

Spotify is ok but I don't get the hype, to me is like owning an iPhone just to say you have an iPhone if you get what I'm saying.

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Shame they dropped support for WearOS. I know they're probably not listening, but please bring it back!

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That's why I'm dropping Pandora when I get my new watch the other one is 4 years old and I never used it. Don't like the idea of having two music apps there's just no point to for that for me

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