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Ideas: Station Limit - make remove old stations easier

Ideas: Station Limit - make remove old stations easier

Status: Closed Ideas

Please make a 1 tap solution to remove the oldest station from your collection when you have reached the station limit.
It currently takes far too many taps, swipes to remove old stations.
On top of that after EACH removal, the app goes back to top of screen with RECENTLY played stations, when OLDEST station are at the END of the list. It takes nearly 10 swipes to remove each station.

I suggest two changes to improve the max station experience:

#1 A preference setting to automatically remove oldest stations automatically.

#2 If this preference is NOT enabled, there should be a prompt to "Remove oldest station" when the limit is reached, that will remove the oldest station with a single tap.

#3  I use Android, so please fix it on Android first.


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks so much for the suggestion, @Uuzer3498!

See ya around the community 🎶


We need a way to select multiple stations and delete all at the same time; it is very time consuming to delete stations.  We should also be able to merge stations IMO.

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Yes Please this is so annoying. My daughter listen Pandora via Alexa and every song creates a station ANNOYING!!! please make it easier to remove stations.

Local Performer

If we could see the LIST of stations without the graphics, the way we used to, it would be so much easier to turn stations on and off and delete them from the list.  If we needed to see the graphic, we could click on it from the list.  But I don't need to see them all when I'm trying to turn off my Christmas music and turn on my other selections I want to shuffle from.  I agree, the graphics make it too cumbersome and time-consuming!  Very frustrating, compared to the ease of maneuvering through the list, like we used to.

Status changed to: Closed Ideas

Hi everyone!

There is now a 250 rolling limit on all accounts, free or paid.

Please note some that older consumer electronic devices and car stereos are not optimized to display 250 stations and will still be subject to a 95 station limit.

If you've reached the 250 limit but would like to create an additional station, we automatically remove the station that has remained un-listened to for the longest period of time.

You can always recreate that station at anytime using the same seeds and your thumb history and preferences will be restored.

Also remember that each of your Pandora stations can play a variety of different artists. If you have many stations based on similar artists or songs, you may consider deleting redundant ones or using the Add Variety feature to make a single station from those similar artists or songs.

Thanks for posting to community!