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Ideas: Support for Sony Xperia 360 audio

Ideas: Support for Sony Xperia 360 audio

Status: Open Ideas

Sony has their own application to tune 360 audio sources from companies like Tidal. And basically you select your specific headphones and take pictures of your ears and they do the rest. Any chance of getting this supported on Pandora? I would love to have my custom sound profile on Pandora.

On that note, i remember my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone had something similar. It would play test tones in both ears, and you would hit "yes" or "no" if you heard the sound or not. And this would let you tune the phones output to match your hearing. Havent had a galaxy phone in forever so i dont know if they still do this or not. But Sony having the whole "picture your ears" and it makes a profile based on that, is genius. It would be nice to have.


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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @namco

Welcome to community! Thanks for taking the time to post. Since this is currently not a feature, I moved your message over to our Ideas Board under Ideas: Support for Sony Xperia 360 audio

I've used similar tech in headphones in the past and it's definitely a great experience. Thanks for the feedback!

Hope to see you around community!

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I might have to switch to Amazon Music, which does provide 360 whenever possible.

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Are there any updates regarding availability for Sony 360 Reality Audio?