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Book Lovers Day โ€Œ๐Ÿ“šโ€Œ


Listen to editions of Pandora Book Notes featuring Brandi Carlile, Sam Lansky, Namina Forna, Tana French, and Elizabeth Acevedo. You can celebrate Book Lovers Day with us by checking out our playlists hosted by the authors below. Enjoy! ๐ŸŽง๐Ÿ“š



Book Notes: Brandi Carlile on 'Broken Horses': Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile has a new title under her belt: author. Here, she takes listeners through the most important musical moments of her New York Times best-selling memoir, โ€˜Broken Horses,โ€™ and the many significant events that shaped and inspired it. From a poignant version of โ€œHallelujah,โ€ to a Dolly Parton classic, Carlile breaks down some of the most important songs of her life. Listen here now. 
Book Notes: Sam Lansky on 'Broken People': After welcoming readers into the deepest, darkest corners of his soul with his 2016 memoir 'The Gilded Razor,' author Sam Lansky is putting his skill for endlessly inventive storytelling on display with his compelling, honest fiction debut, 'Broken People.' Lansky curated a list of the music that inspired and "gripped him by the heart" throughout his writing process, noting that "they're all songs about craving, wanting, and a sort of unfulfilled wish or need." From a low-key Mike Posner tune that helped him through editing, to the Lorde song that made him burst into tears, hear Lansky's 'Broken People' soundtrack, ahead. Listen here now.
From the characters in her debut novel 'The Gilded Ones,' to the songs she keeps on repeat, author and screenwriter Namina Forna is all about celebrating women kicking ass. To go along with her YA epic, which is a bold and immersive West African-inspired, feminist fantasy novel, Forna curated a special playlist for Pandora featuring artists like Janelle Monae, Saweetie, Tiwa Savage and more. โ€œIt's about women holding each other against the patriarchy,โ€ she said. โ€œThat feeling of women supporting each other, being in fellowship and in community with each other.โ€ Hear the stories behind each selection ahead, and be sure to pick up 'The Gilded Ones' wherever you buy books. Listen here now.
Book Notes: Tana French's Musical Place: Thanks to her best-selling books like โ€˜In the Woodsโ€™ and โ€˜The Witch Elm,โ€™ and the TV series โ€˜The Dublin Murders,โ€™ Tana French has become known as the โ€œFirst Lady of Irish Crime.โ€ Stephen King and Gillian Flynn are avowed readers, and New York Magazine has called French โ€œour best living mystery writer.โ€ Though her books are world famous, whatโ€™s lesser known is that French is a rabid music fan. For this edition of Pandora's Book Notes, we are thrilled to have the Dublin native guide us through the songs that inspire her and her works, with plenty of Irish history, wit and storytelling throughout. Listen here now.
Book Notes: Elizabeth Acevedo on 'Clap When You Land': New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award-winner Elizabeth Acevedo returned in 2020 with her critically-acclaimed novel 'Clap When You Land,' which explores a the relationship between two estranged sisters who are brought together by a shocking family tragedy. Acevedo infuses the story with both grief and love, and had a very specific playlist that helped get her in the right frame of mind as she brought Camino and Yahaira Rios to life. Ahead, hear her picks, as well as how each song impacted her work. Listen here now.
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