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Greg Allen's Best of Dance Music!

Opening Act

Hi! I just recently became active on Pandora (about 2 weeks) but I’m very excited and invigorated about the sophistication and fun of this platform. My album on Pandora is Riding the Beat, a lot of beat oriented music with some exciting and at times, exhilarating beats plus some chill and one reggae song.

Here’s my playlist named Greg Allen’s Best of Dance Music! I think it’s very exciting, full of great and innovative dance music!!! Let me know what you think!!! And share your playlist with me if you like! 

Dance Playlist.jpg



2 Replies

Community Manager
Community Manager

@greglw3 Thanks for sharing!

I'll make sure to check this out when I get the chance. 🎶

Community Manager
Community Manager

Very cool! Thanks for posting about your playlist, @greglw3.

Can't wait to have a listen. 🎧💃

Alyssa | Community Manager
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