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Ability to Shuffle songs from a selected group of artists

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With a subscription can you shuffle songs from a selected group of artists within your larger library?

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Community Manager

@fkbishop There are two ways of accomplishing this with a Pandora Premium subscription:

Listening in Artist Only Mode:

What you can do is create a station based off of one artist, and then add the additional artists you want to listen to as variety to the station.

You can then select Artist Only Mode, and the station will only cycle through tracks by each artist you have added to the station.

Creating a customized playlist:

When upgrading to Pandora Premium, you also have the option to create customized playlists.

What you could do is select specific songs from each of the artists you want to listen to, and add them all to a playlist.

You can then shuffle that playlist.

That would be a good workaround for what you are looking to accomplish.

Hope this helps!

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That is a terrible workaround and a lot of work. Spotify works like that and it **ahem**. 

Pandora already has shuffle stations, call that group "main."  Let paid members add named subgroups of their stations to shuffle.  I would pay for that.  Pandora already has the best interface for playing desired music.  Add shuffle groups and stay number one while you collect more money.

Don't delay, implement today.

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