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Clear "Recommended Episodes For You" under My Collection

Local Performer

I've got some inappropriate content popping up under "Recommended Episodes For You" under the "My Collection" tab. I was testing to see if inappropriate podcasts would play with the Explicit Filter (I want them filtered out, but that's another problem...), and now several explicit podcasts are being suggested under my collection. I need these gone, and I can't find anyway to get rid of them! Help??



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Hi @brittany21 - thanks for posting to community!

The explicit filter will only apply to your stations; it doesn't apply to podcasts. Podcast with explicit language will be marked with a red "E" label in the episode title.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to clear or reset the recommendation in For You at this time. I would recommend visiting our Feature Request board with this feedback. This is the best way to get ideas like this heard. 

Thanks for being part of community.



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