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Thumbs up songs not playing on Thumbprint radio

Local Performer

 I recently updated and Pandora removed a lot of my thumbs up songs. I am hearing the same 20 songs on my thumb print Radio Station play repeatedly. In addition to that, songs that I know I have labeled "Thumbs Down" are now magically playing again on my stations.  I have been accruing "thumbs up songs" over years! this should not be an issue.


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Hi @Rissy Thanks for posting to community. Sorry for any trouble with your stations.

We are aware of a bug that may remove thumbs on your stations. Our engineers are currently investigating this issue. 

Can you let me know:

  1. Pandora version you're currently on?
  2. The make and model of your device?

For your Thumbprint Radio Station, I see there are about 96 thumbs up, and about 6800 thumbs down. If you're missing some thumbs ups because of the bug, this may explain the playback issue.

However, if the numbers look accurate, the thumbs down may be the culprit. Thumbed down tracks narrow down the song pool, which can cause the issue you're currently having. I'd remove some of the thumb down tracks and continue to thumb up. 

In the meantime, I've added your info to our ticket and noted your experience. We appreciate your patience while investigate further.

Tanner | Community Moderator
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