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Downloading offline content with Pandora Premium

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Anyway cantt i change or choose my stations? Weird AF?? Tried going thru my settings. I am phone stupid mind you. Can anyone help me figure out how to ADD other stations for when i am camping or hiking. Or at the very least switch the 4 stations I couldn't help but show up


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@Cronickid420 I created a new thread for your post since your account is actually upgraded to Pandora Premium - not Pandora Plus.

With this level of subscription, you can actually pick and choose what content you would like to download for Offline Mode.

By default, your three most popular stations (along with Thumbprint Radio) will automatically download for you to access in Offline Mode. If you have not yet added Thumbprint Radio, please let me know.

As a Pandora Premium subscriber, if you'd like to download additional content for offline listening, you can tap the icon with the arrow pointing downward. This can be found on station, album and playlist pages, or, to download a track, tap the three dots on the Now Playing screen. Keep in mind, this button will only appear for eligible tracks.

If you change your mind during any point of the downloading process, simply tap the download button again, and we'll stop and delete any downloaded content.

If you lose connection while downloading, we'll save your spot with your partially downloaded playlists, albums and stations. The next time you gain a signal, we'll attempt to complete the download process for you.

Hope this helps! 🎧

Adam | Community Moderator

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