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Explicit Content filter is not working

Diamond in the Rough

Both of these were experienced while listening on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on the station I've called "Dubstep/Electronic (MINE)" while using the standard "My Station" mode.


Artist: Distrikt

Title: Breathe Life (original)


Artists: Datsik & Flux Pavilion

Title: Crunch


I couldn't find the setting in my profile to double check that it hadn't been inadvertently disabled, but I know I've never purposefully set it to allow explicit content, so it's pretty messed up that this keeps happening.😑 It's like people are trusting tags when curating this stuff instead of actually listening to the music or some such thing. This is also one of the many reasons I refuse to pay for any other service tier.


A previous response to one of my responses advised that yall can't look into this if the incident is too old, but it didn't give a threshold.  So, how old is too old to report, plz?


Edit(2023-8-31): I've since found & double-checked my profile setting & confirmed that it is indeed set to NOT allow explicit content. It'll be nice when it functions reliably.

Also, I've still not received an answer about the time threshold. It'll also be nice when we can get folks who can be less laser-focused on a single part of multi-part post/thread responding to/answering inquiries.

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Local Performer

Good morning, I am a teacher and am having the same problem.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@alepine If you are experiencing issues with this, please follow up with the information requested in the accepted solution.

Thanks for working with me on this.

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