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How can I choose a different version of the same song?

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I started a k-pop station. 

It seems to only offer/select the korean versions of songs.

However, I prefer Japanese versions of some songs.

Is there a way to "like" a particular version of song? Or, search for that version and "like" it?


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Hi @Pyro thanks for posting to community! I've moved your post to the Collections board to help keep things organized. 

I'd be happy to offer some station tuning tips, but it's not currently possible to listen to most content "on-demand" through Pandora Plus.

While these Pandora stations will learn what you like and don't like based on Thumbs feedback, it's not possible to predict exactly which song will play next. Only Pandora Premium offers users that level of control.

Ad-supported Pandora and Pandora Plus are designed to introduce you to new music through the artists and songs that you already know.

However, I'd recommend creating a new station based on the artist or song that you prefer from your K-Pop station. Then uses your thumbs to help direct the type of content you'd like to hear. 

Thanks for being part of community! 🎧


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Local Performer

Opposite problem for me. I started a K-Pop station because I want to hear music in Korean, but it seems that whenever a song has a Japanese version, it ALWAYS plays the Japanese version. It's annoying. The Japanese version is for Japan. 

I also have musixmatch, which shows the lyrics while the song plays so i can sing along. But I can't read Japanese, so it's pointless when the Japanese version of a song comes on. I want to hear the Korean version with Korean lyrics so I can sing along.

I don't want to thumb down the Japanese versions, because I think it would affect how often the artist gets played. I tried "I'm tired of this track" but it seems to just stop playing the Japanese version but never start playing the Korean version again.

In several months now, whenever a song has a Japanese version, I NEVER hear the Korean version. These are Korean artists. I want to hear their songs in Korean.