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Missing hundreds of thumbs from my station

Local Performer

Hi, I have been building a playlist for many years and there were hundreds and hundreds of songs on it and hundreds and hundreds of thumbs up and thumbs down. There are only five songs on it now and about five thumbs ups. The name of my station is “take me to church” radio. But it is one that I built on my own station. I am very sad. I don’t know what happened to my songs. I could never build this station again. 
thank you

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Saraluvdogs I took a look at your account, and see that you have 3 stations named Take Me To Church Radio:

Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 4.39.20 AM.png

It looks like one of them was collected back in 2015, so I'm assuming that is the station you are referring to.

I would recommend deleting the other two stations to avoid any future confusion with this.

This being said, that station does not have hundreds of thumb ratings as you mentioned.

When did those thumb ratings disappear?

Were you listening to the station one day, and then they randomly disappeared during the same listening session?

Or did they disappear after signing back into Pandora after not listening for an extended period of time?

Let me know.

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