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More 80s indie, underground, dance and industrial representation on Pandora


There's no radio station for all 80s underground dance music, or punk rock, or industrial representation on Pandora. When I make a station from Sex Pistols, for example, I get music like The Bravery and Liam Lynch mixed in. I see there is a "New Punk Now" station, but what an insult to punk! I want to hear so much of the punk that went unnoticed in the 80s. There's also Industrial Noise that is totally disregarded except by Brian Eno.

Don't you have any punks on staff?

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@mokajava Thanks for sharing your feedback.

Using the Thumbs Up/Down feature:

I've taken a look at your collected stations, and I'm not seeing that you're rating songs with Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

Pandora stations adapt with every song to try to find the right music for your stations. Without Thumb info, however, Pandora has to guess what songs you like or don't like, which can often lead to the problem you've described.

Keep in mind, Thumbs are station specific, so please feel free to Thumb up and down accordingly. Giving a Thumb rating on one station will not affect any of your other stations.

This also means that you can use Thumbs to craft the sound you are trying to achieve and vary the playlists from station to station. For example, you might want to give a song you like a Thumb Down if you think it will bring in a certain type of music you'd prefer to not have on that station. Don't be afraid to rate songs (you can always edit your stations later if you don't like the direction your station is going or if you'd like to mix things up).

Finally, you can use Pandora Modes to customize your station experience when you're listening from a computer, mobile device or the Sonos app. You can pick different modes like Crowd Faves, Discovery and Deep Cuts. Be sure to Thumb Up songs you liked to inspire similar songs to play.


Creating customized playlists:

I see you are also upgraded to Pandora Premium.

With Pandora Premium, you do have the option of creating customized playlists. If you are having trouble guiding your stations to play the type of music you want to hear, my next recommendation would be to create a playlist so that you can pick and choose the specific songs you want to hear.

If you would like to create a custom playlist, you can use the following steps:

From a Mobile Device:

To create a new playlist, go to My Collection.

My Collection shows album art for all of your recently played tracks, but also allows you to sort your "Added" content – whether that might be radio stations, albums or songs.

To add a playlist, filter your Added content by tapping the downward arrow (or "carat") which appears below the album art.

Select Playlist from the menu.

Next, tap + New Playlist. Enter a name for your playlist and tap Next. Finally, use the search bar to find your favorite songs or albums to add.

Keep in mind that you can also create new playlists from the Now Playing screen, or by searching for a particular track. Just tap the ellipsis (...) below the album art, and indicate whether you'd like to add the track to a new playlist or an existing one.

Once you've created a playlist, you can harness the power of Pandora to recommend additional music you might want to add.

From the Web:

There are a number of ways to create playlists.

First, from your My Collection page, filter your collection by Playlists and select  + Create Playlist.

You can also do this from the Now Playing screen by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) below the album art to reveal a sub-menu. Hover over Add to Playlist and select New Playlist.

Finally, you can create a playlist from most songs or albums by clicking that ellipsis as well.

Hope this helps. 😎

Adam | Community Moderator

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