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More Videogame Music for Pandora

Local Performer

I listen to a lot of music from UNDERTALE so if you guys could put some of this music on Pandora that we be amazing:

1. Undertale Remixed by GameChops, Holder

2. Sans Parady, His Theme (Asriel's Lament) by Caleb Hyle

3. Megalovania (Undertale Remix) by Mykah

4. Asgore (Undertale Remix) by GameChops, di-Jo

5. Bad Time by NateWantsToBattle

6. Undertale (Game Theme Selections) by Music Legends

7. Hopes and Dreams (An Undertale Remix Album) by Arcien, GameChops

8. Undertronic remixes by SharaX

9. Welcome to the Saltier Splatoon by Aiden Veney

10. Geometry Dash by Various Artists 

Also please take off the licensing for Super Mario Galaxy Music

If you can add these songs and albums to Pandora my review will be 5 stars hands down and I will recommend to my friends. 

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Welcome to community @MC!

Thanks for posting your musical suggestion! We're always looking for new music to add. 

If you haven't already, I recommend visiting the Music Suggestions thread in our Community Chat. This is the best place to recommend songs, albums and artist you want to see on Pandora. 

Thanks for being part of Pandora community! 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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