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My shuffle selection does not include all of my stations but rather just my recently listened to

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I fairly frequentlylisten to stations that I do not listen to on their own in my shuffle for some reason one that I use pretty often when I use the shuffle feature disappeared from it and It is one that I use every time that I use the shuffle feature when I'm going to sleep because I will set up classical music and rain sounds And it is a couple of different radio stations play similar stuff to get a stream that consistently plays stuff I like, I don't understand why the shuffle feature is now only your recently used because it was perfectly fine when you could go through all of your stations and even if it was the recently used It should still be able to be set to where it goes 8 through z so it's easier to find the station she want because they are in order, please consider fixing this It would be much appreciated. To all of y'all there Pandora have a blessed day and thank you for the greatest music streaming app up there keep up the good work Hope this gets resolved soon.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@PLKing Welcome to the community!

You should still have access to your customized shuffle setting - if you need help locating that feature, I recommend taking a look at this page.

If you continue experience issues with this, let me know what device you are using when you are unable to locate your customized shuffle setting. 

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