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Option to create playlists from a subset of stations

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Hi, is it possible to create station playlists on Pandora? Like if I want a “dinner party” playlist that plays bill evans radio, jimmy smith radio and miles davis radio then and I want a "driving" playlist that plays Phish radio, dave matthews radio, galactic radio, etc etc

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@NickRuffini Nice to see you around the Community.

Creating playlists from a specific subset of stations is not currently an option.

This being said, I believe what you are looking to accomplish is creating different "shuffle groups" with your stations.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do this - I recommend upvoting this existing feature reqeust with a ❤️ if you'd like to see the option added to the service: Feature Request: Ability to save different shuffle selections

In the meantime, here are two different workarounds:

  • Manually select the stations you want to include in your shuffle mix during each listening session
    • You can edit your shuffle by following the instructions in this thread: How to Shuffle Stations
    • From there, you can manually select Bill Evans Radio, Jimmy Smith Radio and Miles Davis Radio, and uncheck all other stations you don't want included in your shuffle mix
  • Manually create playlists where you pick and choose the specific songs by each artist you want to include in your listening session

Hope this helps!

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