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Playing Pandora in the background

Local Performer

Can I(and if so how) play Pandora in background with out having to keep it open? On the free version obviously..

Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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@Mudbone Pandora should automatically play in the background without you having to enable any settings.

Are you having trouble with the music stopping when attempting to stream Pandora in the background?

If so, could you tell me a bit more about what is happening? Are you listening to Pandora on a computer or on a device?

  1. If you are on a computer, are you listening from:
    • A Mac or Windows computer?
    • Our website, or the desktop app? If you're listening from our website, what browser are you using?
  2. If you are on a device, what is the make and model (and carrier, if applicable)?
  3. Is there an error message? If so, what does it say?
  4. Can you provide me with a screenshot of what you're seeing?

Thanks for working with me on this. 🤝

Adam | Community Moderator

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