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Playing unknown artists


Can you people please stop playing unknown artists on Pandora stations? They're not similar to the artists. And if they haven't charted on the Billboard Hot 100 or Billboard 200 Albums Chart, they shouldn't be playing AT ALL. Playing these unknown artists makes Pandora the worst music app along with Jango radio.

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Hi @electricsoul99, thanks for the feedback on lesser known artist. 

In cases like this, I would recommend using Modes. With Pandora Modes, you can take your stations in a variety of directions*.

  • My Station: The station you already know and love
  • Crowd Faves: Plays whichever relevant songs are the most popular
  • Discovery: Surfaces artists who don’t usually play on this station
  • Deep Cuts: Delve deeper into the discographies of the artists on your station
  • Newly Released: The newest releases from the artists featured on your station
  • Artist Only: Only songs from the artist headlining your station. (Please note: You may hear songs from other artists if you have added variety to a station.)

Keep in mind that since licensing regulations require a Pandora Premium subscription in order to be able to listen to your station in "Artist Only" mode, free listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers will be able to view an advertisement in order to initiate a complimentary Premium Access session. Those that do will also have access to Pandora Premium's other features during their Premium Access session.

Whatever Mode you choose, make sure you continue to use your Thumbs. Thumbs will continue to influence your station regardless of what Mode you're listening in. So giving a Thumbs Up in Newly Released Mode will tell My Station to play more new music for you. As always, you have the ability to edit any unwanted Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down in your station details.

Keep in mind, not all Pandora Modes will be available on every station.

Thanks for listening! 


Tanner | Community Moderator

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