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Removed thumb ratings play again with thumbs highlighted


I would like someone from pandora support to remove all my "thumbs up" and get rid of this option for me all together.  I want variety in my listening.  All my "thumbs up" songs that I have unselected keep coming back again and again.  Pandora is not remembering my removal of "thumbs up".

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@XCaliber I created a separate thread for you since it sounds like you are running into a different issue.

Bulk removing thumb ratings:

Unfortunately, there is not a way to bulk delete the thumb ratings you've given on a station.

The only way to accomplish that at this time is to manually delete each thumb rating one at a time on your station.

In the meantime, I recommend giving the Bulk Edit/Delete Content feature request a ❤️ to express your interest in getting it added to the service as well.


Removed thumb ratings play again with thumbs highlighted:

It sounds like despite removing some tracks from your thumbs up/down list on your stations, they continue to play with the thumb rating highlighted.

Can you please confirm that you are following these steps when removing thumb ratings from your stations? 

If so, the next time a track plays with the thumbs rating highlighted (when you know you already removed it previously), please take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post that picture in a reply to this thread.

(Please note you won't be able to attach images via email - you will need to open this Community link in a web browser in order to provide attachments)

I can then pass that information along to our engineering team so they can take a closer look.

Thanks for working with me on this. 🤝

Adam | Community Moderator

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