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Station Repetition

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I've had Pandora for a long time and the algorithm on my account is totally busted. Stations play the same few songs over and over and even play them on totally different stations that they should not be on. I used to use Pandora to hear new music I havent heard before but that's not happening anymore, it's the same stuff over and over and I can't escape those songs even when going to another station. 

How do I start fresh?

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I am having exactly the same experience. I have listened to Pandora since it was the music genome project (beta). It has exposed me to literally dozens of new that I never would have heard otherwise. Now, Pandora seems to be the same as YouTube  - it only offers me music that I have thumbs up'd. Over and over. The original Pandora algorithm that offered me new music based on the characteristics of songs I have previously liked seems to no longer exist. Did Google buy Pandora? 

I cannot find ANY way at all to ADD songs or artists.....and the only way i can experience new music is to use the explore option....which in no way seems to offer ANY music that i like at all - i skip 9/10 songs that are offered. Boo.

There is sooo much music out now, it is impossible to sift through it all. I am grieving the loss of the original Pandora algorithm. 

No add variety button exists 

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Community Manager

@Pepper I moved your post over to this existing thread: Station Repetition

Check out the accepted solution if your station is getting too repetitive.

You should be able to add additional songs or artists to your station as variety as long as it isn't one of our curated genre stations.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Pandora,  I've been a non-paying listener for many years on my "Fats Domino Radio" and "SPARX Radio" and I love what you're doing.  I have the same questions  that a lot of the others have regarding repetition, but I can't complain.  For example, I thumbs upped "Raunchy" by Billy Vaughn several years ago, and it plays often - OK.   That version was in Billboard's Top 10 at the same time as 2 other versions, Bill Justis's and Ernie Freeman's, but you never play those for me.  Is it because 1 version is enough, or you don't have those other 2?


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