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Stop making auto-generated playlists

Local Performer

I've been a paying Pandora customer for years and years, but I'm one feature away from cancelling my account and using Spotify exclusively.  

Pandora used ot be simple and easy to use.  Stations.  Thumb up or thumb down.  Now I have pandora-generated "collections" that I don't care about.  I have play lists that I don't care about.  I have "thumbed-up playlist from your station" that I don't care about.  

Stop trying to be like Spotify.  You do you.  

also, auto-playing offline content when I briefly lose internet connection is ridiculous, especially when the genre is completly different.  In the good ol' days, the current song would at least play to the end.  


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Local Performer

Please STOP auto-generating playlists. I love Pandora except for that annoying feature.

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