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This song can't be skipped

Local Performer

Why the sudden flood of songs that can't be skipped? I've been a premium user for about a decade and haven't run across this before.

Now I'm getting songs across all stations that are unskippable and am forced to either endure several minutes of annoying music or pull out my phone and manually switch to another station which will inevitably quickly put me in the same situation.


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Hi @Demnos7 

Welcome to community!

I took a closer look at your stations and I'm not seeing anything unusual on my end. I've gone ahead and enabled a trace on your account to help me look into this further.

The next time this happens, let me know the station you were listening to, the date and time and which device you were using.

If you're able to share a screenshot/picture of the message you received, that would be great. You can attach a screenshot directly here on community.

Note: This is best done on a web or mobile browser, you won't be able to include a screenshot/picture through the email notification you may receive.

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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