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I am a ole 1960s DJ and then a consumer reporter for Post Newsweek TV Group. I am doing an story for a media company -  Amazon Prime VS Pandora. I was on Prime for over a year. I recently signed up for a paid subscription to Pandora. I am creating a list at America's Golden Music™ that will be a new podcast in 2023.

I was editing out songs from the current 366 Thumbs Up by using my Moto G Play (don't buy one or any Moto phone!). I saw the word DELETE and started doing it. However when I checked the DELETED songs were still there. I have done this process twice,

Also is there a way to DELETE artist collections list after I have used them or don't need them anymore?

Replies will greatly help me!

Hugh Simpson

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@hugh009 I'm happy to look into this.

Unable to remove tracks from Thumbs Up list:

Can you please send me a screenshot of the tracks you are unable to remove from your Thumbs Up list?

Also what is the name of the station you are unable to remove these tracks from?

Let me know.


Deleting artist collections:

Can you also send me a screenshot of the artist collections you are referring to as well?

Thanks for working with me on this. 🤝

Let me know the name of one of the artist collections you'd like to remove  is 

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