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Unable to play all songs in collection while on Premium Access

Local Performer

Hello everyone. I've just recently decided that I wanted to narrow down the songs I listened to and decided to add all the songs I liked to my collection. I'm pretty new to the whole collection idea and once I watch an ad I'm able to access all the songs in my collection. Now if I select a single song from my collection, I'm able to play it, but once it finishes, the next song in my collection doesn't play. Not sure if this is supposed to happen but I would like to be able to play all my selected songs in my collection. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

It looks like your account is currently set up with the free service.

@rat688 The ability to listen to songs on demand is only an option when upgrading to Pandora Premium.

It looks like you enabled a complimentary session of Pandora Premium, which allows you to interact with an ad in order to listen to content on-demand.

Because these sessions are funded by advertisements, your account reverted back to your regular service automatically at the end of the session.

This would explain why you aren't able to play through all songs in your collection in succession - your account reverted back to the free service when the session was over.

Hope this helps explain!

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