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"Start Station From Song" starts wrong version of song

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I attempted to start a station from the album version of Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World (on the album Bleed American).

When I play the song directly from the album, it plays the album version, but when I attempt to Start Station From Song, it plays a different version that I do not care for as much.

Album version:

Station it plays when I try to start station from that song:

If those links don't quite demonstrate the problem, you can search "jimmy eat world sweetness", go to the Stations tab, and it's the first result. Adding the album version to a playlist does add the correct (album) version, just not trying to start a station from the song.

It's not a huge problem, but it would be nice to be able to hear the album version of the song in a "station", which is the primary way I use Pandora.

I have a premium subscription.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@IRCraziestTaxi Thank you for reporting this.

I have escalated your feedback over to our curation team for further review.

This being said, while it may appear that the station is getting created based off of a different version of the same song, think of it more as a starting point.

It is really your Thumbs Up/Thumbs down ratings that will help craft and guide your station into playing more of the music you actually want to hear since t's not possible to predict exactly which song will play next. 

So the album version you linked in your message actually has the same chance of playing on that station as the alternate version the station was created from.

The next time the alternate version of the song plays on the station, just make sure to give it a Thumbs Down - that action will not prevent the version you prefer from playing.

Hope this helps! 

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