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Alexa: Playing Pandora from Alexa without a smartphone

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First, let me say - I do not own a smartphone, and yes, I realize life is harder these days without one.

I have the Alexa Echo and have set it up without a smartphone app. I used to be able to play Pandora by accessing it through the Alexa Web Site. But now all instructions on the Alexa Web app, Pandora Web app, and Pandora Desktop app indicate I need to use the mobile app to connect Pandora to my Alexa.

Are we really discounting the minority members of society who choose not to have a smartphone but still use a laptop or desktop for their internet usage?  

Does anyone know of a way to get Alexa to play Pandora Music without using the smartphone app?

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Hi @tompippitt! Me again. 👋

As mentioned before, Amazon has made changes to the functionality and features of their website. The ability to connect 3rd party apps, such as Pandora, to Alexa devices is at the discretion of Amazon. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to change this functionality.

I recommend contacting Amazon Support for further assistance, they may have a work around that can help.

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