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Apple TV: Logged out after each use - must reboot or uninstall to log in


Apple TV 4th Gen: It happens that the Pandora App launches with no way for me to log in. If I delete and reinstall, I can then successfully log in, see all my songs and lists, but then after a couple of days, Pandora goes back to the basic app with no way to log in. Reinstall fixes the problem for another day or two and then bam, it's gone again.  Has done this three times so far. 

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Thanks @johnmnagy Just know that that details you have shared are much appreciated and are helpful.

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Ah, sounds like you have one of the original Apple TVs. I have one also, back from early development days. I will try the Pandora app on it and see if it the problem lies with the older hardware.

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Diamond in the Rough

NOT an original AppleTV. The model number and version and firmware and Pandora version are all listed a few messages up from here. It's a 1080p.

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