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Buffering on devices

Local Performer

I am having the same issue on PC (browser) and on Google TV (app) and my android phone (app). 

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Hi @AlineBean 

Welcome to community. Sorry to hear you're having trouble.

Since you mentioned buffering occurring on multiple devices, I've moved your post over to our Other Device board.

Since each of the devices you mentioned are on a separate platform, I would first recommend power cycling your modem and router connection to see if this will help. You can do this by unplugging the device(s) from it's power source for a minimum of 5 minutes. Then reconnect the power source, wait for your device to power up and return to normal operations and try Pandora again.

If you continue to have trouble, I'm happy to pass this along to our engineering team for further review. Please provide additional information about your devices:


  • Make and Model:
  • Browser:
  • Browser version:

Google TV

  • Make and Model:


  • Make and Model:
  • OS version:
  • Pandora version:

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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