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Chromecast: Volume changing

Local Performer

Been using Pandora on my google chrome cast and the audio is all over the place. songs start off really loud then drop to where I can barely hear them. then randomly in places get loud. it is the only app I have this issue with. is anyone else having this issue or have an suggestions? I like to listen to music at night and its really frustrated when I'm dozing off and a song gets loud.

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Hi @WadeH! Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear this is happening. 

Can you tell me the make and model of your mobile device along with the Pandora version you're currently on. If you need help finding that let me know. 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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I have the Same Problem with my Pandora, go to cast and the volume will be at 100% pisses my wifey off

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Local Performer

I’m having a problem with the songs.

I’ll set the volume to a comfortable level. And a song or two later it will be loud enough everyone in the house can hear it.

I’ll turn it down, then the next song will be so quiet I can barely hear it…

I’m using a ChromeCast via hdmi direct to tv.

I set the tv to volume equalize. It immediately dropped the volume, but there’s still a huge difference in song to song volume.  

is this a problem with my tv, ChromeCast, or pandora?

anyone find a fix? 

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