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Family Plan + In-home devices

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I pay for pandora premium family but I am unable to leave music playing at home on my nest hub and also listen to music while away on my phone (pixel).  Isn't there a way I can stream to both devices at the same time?

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Hi @jimmyjo_msp - welcome to community! Sorry for any confusion.

With the Family Plan, you and five other accounts can enjoy all the benefits of Premium, while keep your individual Pandora accounts.

Each Pandora account on your family plan is sent a personalized stream of music to one device at a time, unless you are routing the audio into a system with multiple speakers.

As long as each person on the family plan is on their own account, you can all listen to Pandora at the same time. However, you still won't be allowed to play music from a single Pandora account on multiple devices simultaneously.

I recommend creating a separate account to use in those times you'd like to play Pandora from multiple devices at the same time. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. Hope this helped.


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